Ninjaplast 150 meter

The original 100% fumble free plastic foil. Number one in media consumer tests. The first plastic foil in history with a fan base.


ninjaplast 150 meter

The plastic foil that makes you feel like a pro in the kitchen. This version comes in a sleek black package with 150 meters of clingy, PVC free plastics. Our cutter turns wrapping into a truly fumble free experience. All safe to use in microwaves, but bear in mind that food containing fat, oil or high levels of sugar can become very hot during heating and should not come into contact with the plastic film.


Ninjaplast, 150 meter
Amount/DFP: 12

Art no: 105968 (ICA)

Art no: 101251295 (Axfood)

Art no: 9121062 (Bergendahl)

Art no: 43729 (COOP)

Display stands:

Ninjaplast 150 meter. Art no: 169879
Ninjaplast 60 meter. Art no: 171943
Mix-stands 60 meter + refill 150 meter. Art no: 171944
Mix-stands 150 meter + folie. Art no: 146881
Mix-stands 60 meter + folie. Art no: 146884

Coop BNR
Ninjaplast 150 meter. Art no: 41385

Ninjaplast 150 meter. Art nr: 9121088



Made of polyethylene LDPE/LLDPE without DEHA softeners. PVC-free. Compliant with the EU Commission directive 2002/72/EC.