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Konnichiwa! We are Ninjaplast.
We make 100% fumble free products for the planet.



Freezer bags








Our freezer bags are all sugar. Made entirely out of bio-plastic from ecologic sugar canes, they are ready to become your best and most useful pal in the kitchen. 
100 bags/1 litre, 3 litre, 5 litre


Zip bags

Zip, zap. These fumble free zip bags are not only eco friendly, but will make you look smooth as a ninja when you are zipping up the leftovers. 
20 bags/1 litre, 3.5 litre


The Classics










Our 100% fumble free plastic foil has become one of the most loved kitchen products in Scandinavia. Why? Simple. Our cutter turns wrapping into a truly fumble free experience. And the quality of Ninjaplast makes it stick where other foils #fail. Hai! 









Aluminum foil can be a messy story. Not ours. Simple, smooth, perfectly cut  pop-up sheets that will make your time by the grill more enjoyable. 
60 sheets 35.5x26cm 



Eco-friendly brushing in a design that feels smooth in your hand and looks on point in your bathroom.
Soft bristles



Imagine if you could make anything stick anywhere. You would be able to use both your hands while looking at a recipe video on your phone - stuck to the kitchen wall at eye level. This is next level ninja stuff. 
As we are all about making life more fumble free, we have found you the perfect solution: Ninjagrepp. Small fixate gel pads that you can wash and re-use over and over again. Our pad can safely hold objects weighing up to 0,5 kg. For heavier items, use more Ninjagrepp.
2 gel pads in each package.