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Why are your sugarcane based products not biodegradable?

Our sugarcane products are based on bio-polyethylene; "green PE". Bio-polyethylene is made of ethanol from ecologic sugarcane but with the same characteristics as oil-based plastics. It’s recyclable and sorted as regular plastic bags. In short, kinder to the environment since no crude oil is used. In our research and development, we are constantly testing different biodegradable materials. But so far none of our testing has been able to produce the same combination of eco-friendliness and high quality standard as our current solution.

What happens to the arable land when the sugarcane is harvested? And where is the sugarcane grown?

No arable land is allocated to produce our products, as we only use waste material from the sugarcane. The organic sugar cane is grown in Brazil.

Can I use Ninjaplast (the plastic foil) in my microwave?

But of course you can! It holds for temperature between +110°C and -40°C.

Why are you saying “say sayonara to plastics” on the freezer and zip bags, it’s still plastics right?

For us, "plastics" represent the oil based plastics - and sugarcane and bio-plastics is something else altogether. That's what we mean with "say sayonara to plastics". 

When will Ninjaplast plastic foil be based on sugarcane, like your other products?

Our ambition is to only launch products that the masses will actually use, because that will be the most impactful change for the environment. This means that we need to be able to produce a sugarcane Ninjaplast that delivers on the supreme quality we are known for. Is this in the works? Well, we can say this: watch this space :)

Where are you based?

Our company was founded in Sweden in 2014. Our products are still lovingly designed in Sweden, but the products are sold throughout Scandinavia and online.  

I live outside of Scandinavia, how can I get my hands on Ninjaplast?

Sorry, but as of this moment, there are no resellers outside of Scandinavia. We would recommend you to talk to your local food store and ask them to add Ninjaplast to their shelves. We are always interested in breaking into new countries :)

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